Guy Band

Guy Band – nice to meet you!

Here are five facts you did not know about Guy:

  1. Started his work as the Executive Director Israel Program of Action Reconciliation Service for Peace (ARSP) in March 2017.
  2. Studied in Bar-Ilan University history and archaeology, in Berlin History Studies and Political Science in Haifa.
  3. Worked as a sound technician for many years. After coming across action reconciliation service for peace, Guy embarked on a new adventure and volunteered in the house of the Wannsee conference, which changed his life. After the voluntary year Guy stayed in Germany and continued to work in the educational field.
  4. Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Metzoke dragot, Tokyo, Hiroshima, the Japanese Alps, Berlin, Stuttgart and the Black forest are only a few of the sites where Guy guided groups of travellers and students. During these years Guy became an expert in planning and executing many cultural and educational programs.
  5. Today he resides in Jerusalem, even though, he doesn’t give up “Matkot game” on the beach. If you go to Metzizim beach in Tel Aviv during Friday or Saturday morning you will probably get to see Guy playing.

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