Ben-Yehuda House

Volunteering & Internships

Beit Ben-Yehuda is looking for interns and volunteers!

Volunteering at Beit Ben-Yehuda

Volunteers are the “heart and soul” of Beit Ben-Yehuda. When our main office is closed, volunteers are running the show: answering the phone, taking care of guests and the house and representing ASF and BBY. Our volunteers work ~35 hours a week.

Volunteers receive pocket money, breakfast and a private room.

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Intern at Beit Ben-Yehuda

Our interns learn how to run a guesthouse and deal with the daily challenges of running a business. BBY interns have the possibility of running events and initiating new projects with the team.

Interns contribute 40 hours a week.

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Volunteering in Germany

For Israeli Citizens only.

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