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Intercultural Encounters in Jerusalem

For more than 50 years, Aktion Sühnezeichen Friedensdienste (ASF) has been involved in intercultural understanding and dialogue in Israel

We invite you to benefit from our wide network of contacts to experts, projects and institutions in the country.

Beit Ben-Yehuda offers programs ranging from one to several days. They include excursions, exchanges and seminars.


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Seminar rooms are available for rent!

Use our modern house either for staying overnight or for educational purposes. For staying guests the seminar-infrastructure can be used with low-priced conditions. Beit Ben-Yehuda offers:

Two seminar rooms for up to 20 people: Eliezers Library and Chemdas Room

One seminar room for up to 30 people

One dining- and conference room for up to 50 people (depending on the weather the extension area outside can be used + extra 20 people)

  • Garden, terrace and balcony areas
  • Smartboard, whiteboard and flipchart, projector and audio system for presentations and seminars
  • Free of charge WiFi all over the house
  • Wireless simultaneous translation system

For more information, reservations, and membership, contact us directly: